Artist’s Statement

I’ve come to appreciate that when you’re talking to a bride about her wedding there’s a lot to consider. Each bride is unique. She’s been gathering ideas and honing a vision she’s dreamt of often for a long time. Taking that into account, my photography spans a range of styles that I endeavor to adapt to the tastes of each couple. Each couple has their own story to tell. I get jazzed creating images that are dialed into ‘What’s Special’ about each couple.

Shy flower girl

One of the things I do naturally is to see beauty in people. Everyone has it–a natural grace in being themselves. I look to unveil the authenticity of each couple–to let shine who they are to each other, and catch the brilliance of how they are with each other. Relationships are comprised of such intimate moments . .  To be invited into their arising, a certain comfort, ease, peace, and flow needs be present. This fleeting, delicateness then becomes a window into witnessing truth– the realness of each couples relationship. To be amidst this is consistently both an inspiration and a feeling of grace for me.

When you get to the point of considering: “Which images from my wedding will be my favorites?” Naturally the key photographs will include the two of you, but they expand beyond the two of you to encompass the feelings of family, friends, love, appreciation, and respect, that those invited to the wedding feel for you but which often lack voice.   This is such a rare and precious gathering!  The ongoing challenge for me as an artist is to bring forth these invisible but very real connections to be seen and felt clearly.

To evoke what’s possible in an image calls for being constantly alert. It takes an eye for movement/light, a willingness to stretch, a play by play mentality to capture the little, in-between things that give the day it’s sizzle.


When I’m photographing and feeling in-flow, there are nudges that speak to me. They’re not of a voice-sort, but more like a whispy hint. They can not be summoned, but they can be heard. They are a nudge to do this or that–often seemingly (from a rational perspective): “not that good of an idea”. However, as I step in the direction they offer, an evolution ensues. The next steps become evident, such that from these initial quiet hints comes forth excitement and qualities “beyond predictable”. It has become “the whispers” that I yearn and look for.

It makes my day . . making real for each couple their vision and bringing back the excitement of their wedding day – both as they remembered and beyond what they remembered!

My intent is for the photographs of your wedding to be nothing short of a dazzling touchstone.  Such that as you page through your wedding book, you find yourself deeply moved, with joy welling up, feeling the excitement of the day re-sparked. You and others see yourselves as you were for one of the happiest days of your lives. Again and again, you’re brought back to realizing why the two of you are together, as you re-remember the Day you declared your oneness.

This is what keeps me jazzed about Weddings!
I’d love to talk with you about yours.




Peter Paul Rubens