Why Choose Peter Paul Rubens?

Attentive to you

Wouldn’t it be great to feel confident, relaxed and cared for even as you’re having a great time on your wedding day? More than many people realize, a big step is your choice of photographer. That day you’ll likely spend as much or more time with your photographer as any other single person.
What would you like your experience to be?

Peter has been a favorite for over 20 years. Not only is he a seasoned professional whose excellence is recognized with the field’s highest honors, but he becomes a friend and guide through this exciting, hectic day.

This being the day you’ll want to look your best, how can you know that you’ll like your photos? It all starts with listening. It comes down to—Peter cares. He honors each wedding’s uniqueness with the individuality and variety it deserves. Depending on your preferences, the photographs can be journalistically spur of the moment, have flashes of fashion, be quietly thoughtful, richly romantic, artistically fresh, lotsa fun, solid traditional, or simply natural. Attentive to a remarkable degree of detail, he’s driven in his search for images that express the in-between-glory of real moments.

Peter, Thanks tons! These pics ROCK! We are so happy!!! Thank you for such an incredible job. You really took our time to a whole new level. I can’t say enough for the extra energy and experience that you added to our wedding weekend. Our friends who have checked out the photos online have been immensely impressed and have said they are the best and coolest wedding pics they have ever seen ~ M & B Hart

“I thought the photographs were absolutely outstanding. You obviously are an accomplished artist.”
~ J. Phillip Samper, Chairman, Kodak

In-between-glory of real moments

Time is short. With Peter, the photos flow fast. Most people have an”expiration date” when it comes to taking photos—they only want to do it for so long (sometimes ‘rrreally short’). Peter responds with exceptional use of time and a talent for organizing. He trains for each week’s weddings with 10–20 miles of running to ensure he’s primed on your day.

If there’s one constant throughout his career, it’s that Peter Paul Rubens exceeds the Highest Expectations of couples. He lives by and is utterly dedicated to this credo. You see, photography isn’t just a hobby or sideline for Peter. It is his passion and his life. His goal is to provide High Value—Top photography – Fairly priced.

The work you did is phenomenal. We definitely got our money’s worth.
~ D. Wood

Five years after the wedding: “Thank you again for doing such a superb job on our wedding. Our expectations were high. You readily surpassed them. We could not be happier.”
~ B. Stern

In order to exceed expectations you must first know what they are. Peter looks forward to discussing your needs, discovering what you’re jazzed about and hearing who matters most to you. He takes the time to Learn the Names of the wedding party and families, so each person who is dear to you is treated with warmth and respect.

You are so versatile, attentive and charismatic ~ E & R Griffin

Peter working with the Wedding Party

Do you have a big Wedding Party (more than 4 bridesmaids and groomsmen) or a sizable Family? Great group photographs don’t “just happen”. Peter prides himself on stylish group photographs. With the current emphasis on a journalistic/candid style, there has been a decline among photographers in the skills it takes to put together family or bridal party groups. When comparing, here’s a tip—look for group photos that are interesting & attractive to look at—groups that have design versus just a lineup. Do the groups seems chaotic to you? Do the people in them have engaged, real expressions?

I’m the French bridesmaid of Leanne and I’ve been at many weddings in Europe (France, Germany, Italy …) before, but this has been the first time ever that I’ve seen such a sensitive/artistic/professional approach toward wedding photographs: BRAVO!
~ M. Frohriep

Naturally, you want everyone to relate smoothly. This is a gathering the likes of which has never occurred… a rich interplay of personalities. Family and Party members are routinely surprised at how much fun they had during the photos. He’s famous for keeping the energy, rallying different personalities, and staying attentive to the diverse needs of a lot of individuals.

I hate having my picture taken, but I like what Peter does.
~ M. Sposito

You were everywhere and did it in such a way that people didn’t even notice you.
~ S. DeBruyn

Our wedding party said: He’s not just the photographer, he’s the entertainment.
~ D. Pezotti

Peter realizes that you’re hosting a significant event that’s often quite stylish.  He adapts his attire from tux to jacket/tie to professionally casual.

Specially trained Assistants create Dimensional Lighting

Will your wedding be indoors? Will it be in a big room? If so, you’ll benefit from Peter’s unique brand of Dimensional Lighting. As much as most photographers would like to provide Natural Light, or use big Studio Lights at an indoors reception, it’s not practical. What does Peter do differently? He has specially trained assistants with sophisticated lighting. It’s trick, it’s tech. It’s got “the look” you’ll like.

 You’re personality plus . . .
The two of us had an absolute blast working with you. Thank you for your “up” attitude, high energy, & for being so easy to work with.
~ K & K Darcy

So, Get Ready! When you see your photographs, wouldn’t you like to be saying: “This is it! This is what I dreamed! It really happened.” Why? Because you chose a photographer who took the time to listen to you. You chose a seasoned pro you knew you could count on. You chose an artist who makes remarkable images.

How can I express how blessed I feel to have found you as a photographer. I appreciated your spirit and passion for the art.
~ B & T Leedy

In essence, with Peter you are giving yourself an Insurance Policy that says: “This part of the wedding is handled. One less thing to worry about.”

Your advertising is true.
~ S. Fleming


Marriages are based on trust. When compromise is not an option, Trust your Memories to Peter Paul Rubens—Photography that is Unmistakably Unforgettable.


Thank You for your time to read the above. We hope this has been useful to you. Bonus! If you mention having read this before booking a coverage with us, we’ll take $100 off the coverage you book with us. You deserve it! It’s your reward for “paying attention”. Cheers!


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*PPA = Professional Photographers of America